Myers Produce

From Vermont to NYC & Boston


All of our growers are located in Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.  Their names and locations are listed below.   The vast majority of our farmers are either certified organic or use sustainable production methods, although we work with a few "conventional" farms for items we cannot easily source organically.  These farmers are the reason we do what we do!  By supporting their work, we are supporting each of their local communities, and keeping the Northeast region in agriculture.


Allen Bros Farm - Westminster

Butterworks Farm - Westfield (Certified Organic)

Burnt Rock Farm - Huntington (Certified Organic)

Champlain Orchards - Shoreham (Eco / IPM)

Flywheel Farm - Woodbury  (Certified Organic)

Foster Farm Botanicals - East Calais (Certified Organic)

Green Mountain Orchards - Putney (IPM)

Harlow Farm - Westminster (Certified Organic)

Heartwood Farm - Albany 

High Meadows Farm - Putney (Certified Organic)

Jericho Settlers Farm - Jericho (Certified Organic)

Kettle Song Farm - Worcester (Certified Organic)

Laughing Child Farm - Pawlet (Certified Organic)

Long Wind Farm - Thetford (Certified Organic)

Maple Meadow Farm - Salisbury 

Northwoods Apiaries - Westfield

Old Athens Farm - Putney (Certified Organic)

Pete's Greens - Craftsbury (Certified Organic)

Scott Farm - Dummerston (ecologically grown)

Square Deal Farm - Hardwick (Certified Organic)

Vermont Chevon - Danville

Vermont Cranberry Company - Fletcher

VT99 Meats - Greensboro 

Yoder Farm - Danby


Blue Ox Farm - Enfield (Certified Organic)

Brookford Farm - Canterbury (Certified Organic)


Atlas Farm - Deerfield (Certified Organic)

Carr's Ciderhouse - Hadley

Four Star Farms - Northfield

Full Kettle Farm  - Sunderland

Fungi Ally - North Amherst (Certified Organic)

Joe Czajkowski - Hadley 

Hosta Hill - Housatonic

The Kitchen Garden - Sunderland (Certified Organic)

Little Leaf Farms - Shirley

Next Barn Over Farm - Hadley  (Certified Organic)

Nourse Farms - Whately

Old Friends Farm - Amherst (Certified Organic)

Queen's Greens -Amherst (Certified Organic)

Real Pickles - Greenfield (Certified Organic)

Red Fire Farm - Montague (Certified Organic)

Riverland Farm - Sunderland (Certified Organic)

Sawmill Farm - Florence (Certified Organic)

Warner Farm - Sunderland (IPM)

Winter Moon Roots - Hadley (Certified Organic)


Burke Hill Farm -  Cherryfield

Elderflower Farm - Lincolnville (Certified Organic)

Maine Grains  - Skowhegan

Misty Brook Farm - Albion


Much of our produce is grown at Pete’s Greens, a four-season organic vegetable farm in Craftsbury, Vermont.  The crew at Pete’s Greens grows hundreds of varieties of vegetables through the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, extending the short Vermont growing season with moveable greenhouses, layers of row cover, and crops that grow well in a cold climate.  They produce fresh greens, spinach, and shoots throughout the winter, and harvest enough potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, celeriac, cabbage, fennel, leeks, and onions to store and sell throughout the year.  Annie Myers worked on the crew at Pete’s Greens for three years before starting Myers Produce in November 2013.

Our goal is to lengthen this list of suppliers over time, connecting more and more Northeast farmers to the markets of New York City and Boston, and increasing the variety and availability of the fresh regionally-grown produce that we offer our urban customers.