Myers Produce

From Vermont to NYC & Boston


Myers Produce has been in operation since 2013.  As a regional distributor based in Northern Vermont, we buy fruit and vegetables from small, primarily organic farms in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine, and sell to wholesale customers in New York City and the Boston area.  Everything that we offer to our customers has been produced in the Northeast.


Annie Myers - Owner / Founder

Annie spent three years working at Pete's Greens, a four-season organic vegetable farm in Northern Vermont, before launching Myers Produce in 2013.  She had previously worked as the Forager at April Bloomfield's The Spotted Pig in New York.  Having watched small-scale farms flourish in her community in Vermont, Annie started Myers Produce to offer these same farmers an opportunity to scale up their operations while maintaining their ability to feed their local communities and to focus on clean, healthy farming.

Beck Ringle - Sales Manager

Beck joined us in 2017 from a previous sales position at Veritable Vegetable in San Francisco.  Beck's experience with this 40-year-old organic produce distributor on the West Coast brings enormous perspective to our still-much-younger operation, and we trust Beck to keep our customers as loyal and happy as their customers were at Veritable.  We are learning a lot from this member of our team!


Sarah Habeck - Operations Manager

Sarah joined us in the Fall of 2016, straight from managing the CSA at Enterprise Farm, a vegetable farm in South Deerfield, MA.  She has spent most of her adult life working on farms in the Northeast, and is particularly interested in raising animals and livestock care.  Sarah was the first member of our team to help juggle our physical and administrative logistics, learning the ins and outs of our ordering and bookkeeping systems, while hopping in our trucks to pick up from farms or make deliveries, depending on where she is needed. 


Freddie Ronda - Vermont/Boston Operator

Freddie joined our team in July 2017, and he was an incredible mid-season addition to our operation.  He came to us with several years' experience working with  Whole Foods in Eastern MA.  He lives in Springfield and completes our Vermont farm pick-up route twice a week, as well as a weekly NYC delivery and a weekly Boston delivery.  He is the only member of our crew that visits all the regions we serve in a single week!   


Robin Mackenzie - Boston Operator

Robin joined our team in July 2017.  He lives in Hadley, MA, and is a man of many interests.  He has done screenprinting and now crafts hand-sewn bags under the brand name Folded Edges Wares.  He was (thankfully) ready to move on from the late-night hours of a Northampton bar to the early mornings of Myers Produce.  Robin currently completes two CSA share deliveries to Boston each week, and works in our warehouse once a week as well.



Tobin Porter-Brown - Project Manager

Tobin joined the Myers team in May 2018.  He has many years of farming experience, including seasons at Brookfield Farm in Amherst, MA, Alprilla Farm in Essex, MA, and four years of running his own farm (Book & Plow Farm) in collaboration with Amherst College.  Tobin most recently worked as the Greenhouse Manager at Pete's Greens.  He has decided to take some time off from farming in order to help with logistics, projects, and driving duties on the Myers team!


Joseph Quashie - NYC Route Manager

Joseph joined the Myers team in June 2018.  He had decided on a major career change, after having spent several years training and working in the mental health field.  Joe earned his Class C CDL shortly before starting work with Myers.  Joe drives our trucks between NYC and MA, works with George to complete delivery in NYC, and generally helps to make sure our NYC operations run smoothly.


Danielle Molden - NYC Delivery Operator

Danielle joined the Myers team in September 2018. She moved to the city from Ohio with a Class B CDL and a background in driving school buses and tour buses for various organizations. She is a well-trained driver with a quick sense of humor and a refreshing curiosity about the work that we do. We’re excited for our delivery routes to be her way of getting to know many of the neighborhoods in NYC.


George Smith - NYC Assistant Operator

George joined the Myers team in May 2018.  He starts early in the morning, and helps Manny complete our NYC delivery routes on Mondays and Thursdays.  When he isn't driving a Myers truck, George works at the Whitney Museum.  He tends to provide an interesting update on the current exhibits at the museum, and art-related events around town.


Todd Lindenstruth (& Tulip) - Vermont Operator

Todd joined the Myers team in June 2018.  We first met years ago before Myers was quite ready to hire a Vermont-based driver, and we're glad Todd stayed in touch!  Todd lives in a camper in Hardwick, and is always accompanied on his drives by his dog Tulip. He has lived in many places over the last several years.  He currently drives the Myers trucks within Northern Vermont and between VT and MA.

MargieSerkin (1).jpg

Margie Serkin - Bookkeeper

Margie came on board in June 2017.  While she lives in Brattleboro, she has several clients in the Pioneer Valley, and we love that she bridges the two states, just like we do!  Margie always has an update regarding her two children, and knows how to manage the urgent needs of several businesses while also looking after her family.  Margie keeps our numbers organized and our books in order.  We are ever so grateful for her work!

Barrington Berry & Matthew Bopp - NYC Overnight Operators

Barrington & Matt each work on the Myers team just one night per week, but they play a critical role.  They work the graveyard shifts on Tuesday and Friday nights, making a few critical large deliveries on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  There is nothing like having reliable, instinctive drivers on the clock while the rest of us are sleeping.  We are lucky to have Matt and Barrington working with us in this capacity!